[wherever]: an out of place journal is a new york based print magazine of travel literature, travel culture, and travel politics. we assemble writing and artwork that are germane to movement connections, transitions and the general transience of the people, places and things of the world. the magazine is created by an international team and published three times a year. shunning the clichéd rules of travel magazines, it obeys a  feeling and a philosophy more than a format. we publish narratives about journeys, and are mostly interested in unconventional travel stories that defy the vacation tropes of city breaks and beach vacations.

our reader values a more sophisticated perspective on travel, wants to explore places through a lens not offered elsewhere. our readers foster a passion for all forms of art, movement, and creative self-expression. this is a magazine for the young, the educated, and the well-travelled. the magazine has garnered a lot of positive press exposure, you can view excerpts here.  

snapshots from our 2013 events

   | image 4 natalia kills | image 5 jeanette hayes | image 6 ikyleigh kuhn, masha orlov & sabine heller  |  image 7 may kwok & brendan fallis | image 8 pamela love 


[wherever] magazine exists to change the way people think about travel, and to reflect the hectic pace of an inadvertent wanderer's life - to take a moment to contemplate on how sometimes being from everywhere means being from nowhere, and how that fluid sort of existence can be a tremendous privilege. We do this by telling different stories, and featuring products that plug into this sort of wandering lifestyle. 



we'd like to offer you a custom package that reflects our holistic approach to advertising. this not only includes strategic visibility in our magazine, but an engagement program that makes you a partner at our highly publicized parties and events surrounding launches, salons and soirées.

our global distribution is delivered to a highly targeted audience that travels as a way of life. 95% hold college degrees, and their median income is $104,000. Our male/female ratio is 40/60, and 75% of our readers are between the ages of 18–35. they are educated, affluent, and live in cities such as new york, london, hong kong, amsterdam, doha, and tokyo.

advertising: single and double page spreads designed to draw our reader towards your brand in our exclusive print issues.

collaborations: collaborative features and content created exclusively to highlight your strengths. this content is designed to enhance your brand alignment with [wherever] readers. 

sponsorship: exclusive access to our brands through event sponsorship and subscription advantages. 

we offer really excellent creative services and are building a membership base of world-travelers seeking a global voice to represent their interests and take on the nature of living in-between cities, cultures, and countries. 

our highest-level partners and sponsors receive curatorial input into the content developed throughout our channels, including a limited amount of print collaborative content. they also receive full access to our archives for syndication across editorial and marketing channels. we will work with you to find and adapt content that fits your needs.

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