this all-in-one travel jacket will solve all of your in-flight dilemmas

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There are people who can head on a six-month trip around the globe with just a carry on. They happily board, store the carry on in the overhead compartment, and then promptly fall into a deep sleep—oblivious to the cold, the noise, the light, and the lumpiness of the airplane pillows. They only awaken when the flight is over, seemingly refreshed. Then there are the rest of us, who have a carry on crammed with stuff we need during the flight. We get too hot and then get too cold; jam up the seat back pouch in front of us with soda cans, empty wine cups, books, iPads, and magazines; struggle with falling asleep on the lumpy pillow (and sometimes bring our own neck pillows); and silently hate our neighbor for keeping his light on during the entire flight. By the time the plane touches down on the runway, we feel ragged, as if we've been awake for days.

There's finally good news for all of us (even the deep sleeper): a travel jacket that actually looks kind of cool, with a built-in, inflatable neck pillow; big eye mask; gloves; earphone holders; drink pocket; and tech pockets that can fit iPads, iPhones, sunglasses, and passports. And, it's smashing Kickstarter records as the most funded clothing project in the history of crowdfunding—$2,587,780 pledged by 14,596 backers as of this writing (with 38 days to go in the campaign).

But, is it really worth it, you ask? This thing has fifteen features—and some of them seem outright unnecessary, like the microfiber cloth and the pen/stylus zipper. Will you ever really use those? Don't they hand out free napkins during the flight? And pens to complete the Customs forms? Doesn't your phone come with it's own, built-in stylus? What do you do if the stylus/pen runs out of ink?

Those features aside, the jacket comes in four different styles for each gender, with a selection of color options, and looks like something I really might wear, unlike other 'gadget jackets' on the market (that just look like something from another decade). The best thing about this jacket is the inflatable neck pillow, which apparently fills up in two seconds, and the eye mask-with-hoodie combo that looks comfortable, warm, and effective. Plus, there's even gloves that slide out to partially cover your hands. I'm sold. Now, I wonder if I can use the tech pockets to store away cookies and mini wine bottles...

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