Should you take AP English?

Should you take AP English?

Most students who take AP English don’t go on to major in English. However, reading and writing well are skills you will use in nearly all college courses, not to mention organizational skills and time management. Students who take AP courses tend to perform better in college regardless of their major.

Is Algebra 2 an AP class?

The only prerequisite is Algebra II (core or Pre-AP). However, this is an AP course and therefore advanced work and high expectations are the norm. It is the most accessible AP math class, and any student with solid Algebra II skills and strong work ethics should consider it.

Why is there no AP anatomy?

There is a reason that there is no AP anatomy or physiology course; hardly anyone takes those classes in college except in nursing school. The regular high school level classes in those subjects will not place you out of anything in college, though they might prepare you for the nursing college classes.

Is AP Gov easier than Apush?

AP Gov is siginificantly easier. Felt like a breath of fresh air after an arduous APUSH course. It’s more about familiar concepts and things that you can easily decipher with common sense especially since government is something that we all are familiar with and affected by.