What should be included in a user profile?

What should be included in a user profile?

A user profile describes the characteristics of a person working in a particular job role. For example, the characteristics of a compensation specialist would include a detailed description of that person’s attributes (job title, level of education and training, goals, key tasks, age range, etc.).

What is a user profile in design?

Gives you a cast of characters against whom you can ‘test’ design ideas and concepts. A persona is a mini-biography of a fictional user for your product or proposed product. A good persona provides precise information about the character and describes their goals and motivations.

Why do we make end user profile?

BUILD AN END USER PROFILE It is critically important that you recognize that to be successful, you must build your business based on the customer you are serving, rather than pushing onto the market the product or service you want to sell. Each customer actually consists of an end user and a decision making unit.